Kaleidoscope screen shot

Live Kaleidoscope

for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

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ka·lei·do·scope    [kuh-lahy-duh-skohp]

  1. an optical instrument in which bits of glass, held loosely at the end of a rotating tube, are shown in continually changing symmetrical forms by reflection in two or more mirrors set at angles to each other.
  2. a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.
  3. a continually shifting pattern, scene, or the like: The 1920s were a kaleidoscope of fads and fashions.

Live Kaleidoscope is a Windows Phone 7.5 (WP7 Mango) application. It's not just any 'ol Kaleidosope application. It uses the new OS features from the latest Microsoft Phone OS to turn the phone's camera to a live Kaleidoscope.

Discover new patterns in the simplest of objects as you pan around your room, point it to your friend and family and see them bloom into the most beautiful flowers. Save those Kaleidoscopic images and share them online and have others guessing on what those are.



Use the slider to change the number of mirrors in the Kaleidoscope. Currently the minimum of 4 and maximum of 24 is supported.

Rotate Buttons: Use the play/stop button to automatically rotate or stop rotating the Kaleidoscope view

Video/Picture Button: Use this to toggle between either showing the live video feed from the phone's camera or pick up a photo from the phones media library.

Save: Use this to save the Kaleidoscope image to the phone's camera roll.

Help: Use this to see the apps help page


  1. How do I see the Kaleidoscope image I saved
    On the phone go to the Pictures hub. This should be either on the home screen or as "Pictures" in the app list. Then tap on the "camera roll". The images are saved there. Tap the image to open it
  2. How do I share the image
    Use the steps above to open the image. Then tap on the elipses (...). Then choose from the various share options.


It's fun sharing the Kaleidoscope images on facebook. Follow the steps on FAQ to upload the photo to facebook and then ask your friends to guess what it is. Can you guess what this is?

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For support please drop an email to abhinaba AT gmail.com