About Me

I'm a Bengali or a Bong and a Geek. Even though there's some dispute on the first part there's none about the later.

Some facts about me...

  1. I'm a bong
  2. I was born in Kolkata, India (surprise!!)
  3. I lived most of my early life in Kolkata, India
  4. I have a BS (that doesn't mean bullshit) degree in Physics from University of Calcutta (1998)
  5. In the mean time I started coding on 286 and 386 machines in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, COBOL, C, C++, Lisp, Prolog, VB, VC++, ...
  6. Heisenberg was right and I was pretty uncertain at that point.
  7. So after finishing physics I got myself a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engg from University of Calcutta (2001).
  8. Fortunately I flunked my first campus interview which was at TCS
  9. Fortunately I did not flunk at the next interview and landed up a job in Texas Instruments in the Software development team
  10. Got another offer at Microsoft and officially sneered at them with more credence.
  11. Joined TI and wrote linker/loader and some dynamic SW verification tools. Then went ahead to do some embedded OS work. Got throughly bored and moved to more graphic areas
  12. Got married to my highschool friend Somtapa. She is the best thing that could've happened to me < (you see she visits this page)
  13. I then worked in Adobe Systems in the FrameMaker team
  14. Got a call from a Microsoft recruiter. Since I was making frames anyways I thought I could increase my charter and make a whole window.
  15. I then joined Microsoft in Hyderabad in the Team Foundation Server team and not the Windows team.
  16. This time it is officially not my fault and the team itself changed charter and took up the Visual Studio for Team System work.
  17. My daughter Prokriti was born. She is five now and let me tell you parenting is a full-time job where you actually get paid more than you deserve.
  18. Got bored again.
  19. I then drew this famous cartoon depicting why I had moved to the .NET Garbage Collector team team. I now work on the core execution engine on the .NET runtime
  20. My wife loves rain, so I thought I'd test her and shifted to Seattle area. I continue to work for the .NET CLR team
  21. We were busy wearing off car's tyre and our knee ligaments driving/hiking around when lightning stuck us. The C word entered our life
  22. I wanted to write up a list of things I've done, but felt that a list like this won't help my career much.
  23. In case you are a potential employer I want to assure you that I don't get bored as easily as it seems from the above and there's actually many years between each episode.

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